Hammock Table - Forest Green Poles

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  • Hammock Table - Forest Green Poles
    Hammock Table - Forest Green Poles

Hammock Table - Forest Green Poles

by Hatteras Hammocks Item #: TBLGTX In Stock $69.99
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Features / Details

  • Rotating table
  • Tabletop is moveable, from side to side
  • Mounts directly to Tri-Beam Steel Hammock Stand
  • Rotating table
  • Tabletop moves from side to side, independently of base


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BrandHatteras Hammocks
FeaturesMade in USA
Bed Length18 in
ShippingUSA Only
AccommodatesTri-Beam Stand in Forest Green
Length20 inches
Width12 inches


It can be really tough to ask for a favor when you're sprawled out in a hammock. It's almost as if other people really resent all that lounging around doing nothing! So your seemingly very reasonable question - "Honey, I'm getting a little parched out here, so would you mind bringing me a drink?" - ends with you suddenly covered in your favorite refreshing beverage, which didn't wind up actually being very refreshing at all ...

Our durable Hatteras Hammock Table means now you can just bypass all those relaxation haters. With two secure slots for holding drinks, this nifty little relaxation enhancement allow you to head out to your hammock fully beverage-equipped. Just don't forget your drink coozies, because yelling out for a cup of ice is likewise not likely to end in quite the cool way might hope! Just try explaining those ice-cube bruises back at work on Monday ...

Pairs with Tri-Beam Steel Hammock Stand - Forest Green.
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