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Presidential Original Polyester Rope Hammock

Presidential Original Polyester Rope Hammock
All hail the mighty spreader bar! Possibly the greatest innovation of Original Pawleys Island founder Joshua John "Cap'n Josh" Ward, this compact wooden beam handsomely frames both ends of the classic American hammock. But it also does so much more!

With our family-size Presidential hammock, you fully appreciate the crucial role of these hole-drilled bars of warmly varnished oak. Even as the hammock's ropes gently cocoon directly around your reclining body, that pair of spreaders holds this oversize beauty open wide, so you never feel uncomfortably confined. Instead, the sense is one of supreme support, yet with the freedom to just roll around and wallow. And let's face it, a little wallowing is just plain good for ya now and then!

Polyester rope means heightened weatherability yet cottony softness, so your family is set to comfortably wallow on and on and on.

Additional Features

  • Largest Rope Hammock
  • Most durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Soft spun white polyester
  • Handcrafted since 1889
  • Largest Rope Hammock
  • Most durable
  • Hand-woven soft-spun bright-white polyester 3-ply rope
  • Zinc-plated hanging hardware includes 2 screw-in tree hooks
  • Pillow and Stand sold separately
  • Marine-spar-varnished white-oak spreader bars
  • Soft spun white polyester
  • Handcrafted since 1889

Item Specifications

Weight Capacity450 pounds
Total Length13 feet from ring to ring
Width5 feet 5 inches
Bed Length6 feet 8 inches
Hanging Distance14-16 feet
Accommodates3 or more people

3 ply (8mm total)

Warranty1 year
HardwareYes, click here for picture

Item No. 15OP

Price: $199.99

Shipping: $12.00

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