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Pawleys IslandOutdoor Pillows

Outdoor Pillows

Hard surfaces do not make for soft living, not even in such a relaxed setting as our lovely Pawleys Island!

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This one-of-a-kind place is peppered throughout with wood piers and wood porches, wood docks and wood decks, wood chairs and wood swings. It's effortlessly charming, but not always altogether comfy to sit yourself down upon, at least not for long!

That's why at Pawleys Island Hammocks, we've never taken the pursuit of soft landing places lightly, even when it comes down to life's little extras. Like pillows, for instance.

Our expanding line of cottony-soft all-weather outdoor pillows runs from classic horizontal head-perches designed expressly to make hammock reclining all the more cushy, to a host of throw-size Decorative Pillows in traditional Lowcountry colors, for bolstering your favorite relaxation nook with bursts of bright plush comfort.

So however hard it may get out there in your own neck of the woods, we're here to make eye-pleasing ever-softer seating an easy reality!

Hammock Pillows

A hammock is one of the nicest ways to say thank you to your body for putting up with all you put it through — yet what about a nice nod of comfort just for your noggin?

Incredibly durable, highly comfortable and now available in a range of Lowcountry-recalling colors, our classic hammock pillows ensure your head always has soft place to land, even as your unwinding mind goes drifting off into the clouds …

Decorative Pillows

Sometimes, you just want to spread the pretty and the plush around. Our colorful throw-size outdoor pillows offer comfy splashes of decorative flair in a range of calming colors characteristic of the Lowcountry South, for adding cozy touches of the Pawleys life to your favorite outdoor-relaxation nook, from porch to patio to poolside.

Or, heck, toss a few of these casually lavish add-ons into that Pawleys Island Hammock of yours, right along with your traditional Hammock Pillow — because there's just no such thing as too much comfort!