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It's the classic way to do it, suspending a hammock between two shady trees, or a swing from a sturdy porch beam.

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Yet not every yard or home allows for this, and not everyone wants to commit to a single permanent relaxation spot, anyway. So, what then?

Allow us to introduce our collection of highest-quality hammock and swing stands, providing the ease and flexibility to relax in handsome fashion almost anywhere you've got a wide, flat, open patch of ground, or stretch of patio, porch, deck or poolside!

Hammock Stands

Hammock Stands

Have quality hammock stand, will travel! Available in four sharp-looking Cape Shield® Powder Coat colors, our sturdy hammock stands allow for fine-tuning your hanging spot whenever you want, with absolute ease. Sun suddenly shifted right into your eyes? Then lift your stand lightly at the end where you lay your head, stepping the whole thing sideways into welcome shade, and presto: Hang time is happy time again! For moving the whole stand longer distances, add our simple-to-use wheel kit, and off you go!

Swing Stands

Swing Stands

A two-seater swing goes on the front porch, while single swings belong in the back yard, right? Well, only if you want it that way! Our handsome steel swing stands are so easy to put together and move around that where you choose to set up hardly need be limited by convention. Porch and yard are perfectly fine, of course, but you could just as easily make it patio, pier or poolside; beach-house deck or downtown loft; sunroom or dorm room; gazebo or garden nook – anywhere the need to swing should strike you!