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Travel Hammock - Jelly Fish

In Stock Ships Today!
  • Travel Hammock - Jelly Fish
  • Travel Hammock - Jelly Fish
  • Travel Hammock - Jelly Fish
  • Travel Hammock - Jelly Fish
    Travel Hammock - Jelly Fish
    Travel Hammock - Jelly Fish
    Travel Hammock - Jelly Fish
    Travel Hammock - Jelly Fish

Travel Hammock - Jelly Fish

by #item.brand# Item #: PA-JELFISH-PI In Stock Ships Today!
Shipping: $10.00

Features / Details

  • Attached compression Storage Bag
  • Supports Up to 400 lbs.
  • Compact, can fit easily in a backpack
  • Includes 2 Hanging Straps and Carabiners


ShippingUSA and Canada
ColorShades of Blue
Accommodates2 People
Bed Length8 ft. 9 in.
Product Weight2 lbs. 8 oz.
Width6 ft. 6 in.
Weight Capacity400 lbs.
Length9 ft. 10 in.
Included2 x 10 ft. Tree Straps, 2 x Carabiner Clips, 1 x Attached Storage Bag
Assembly and InstallationAssembly and Installation
Assembly RequiredHang straps from trees or posts
Set Up Time10 mins or less
Warranty and CareWarranty and Care
Returnable60 Days
Warranty1 Year
Important DocumentsImportant Documents


Escape the ordinary and dive into a world of serenity with our Jellyfish-Print Travel Hammock. Immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance of the ocean, as you gently sway beneath a canopy of graceful jellyfish, making it the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures.

Oceanic Tranquility: Our travel hammock features a mesmerizing jellyfish print that captures the ethereal beauty of these marine creatures. It's an artistic representation of the ocean's wonders, right in the palm of your hand.

Effortless Setup: Setting up your jellyfish-print travel hammock is a breeze. Included straps and carabiners make it simple to secure your hammock to trees, posts, or other anchor points. In no time, you'll be swaying gently in your own aquatic style haven.

Anywhere, Anytime: Take your hammock on your next adventure. By the beach, in the woods, or right in your own backyard, the jellyfish-print travel hammock transforms any environment into a serene sanctuary.

Escape into the calming depths of the sea with our Jellyfish-Print Travel Hammock. It's not just a hammock; it's an embodiment of the tranquil and mysterious beauty of the ocean. Sway gently, close your eyes, and let the jellyfish-inspired design transport you to the peaceful depths of the sea. Whether you're traveling or taking a break from the everyday routine, our hammock ensures you do it with style and comfort, surrounded by the serenity of the ocean's embrace.

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