Our Original Rope Hammocks

How does that old saying go? Give 'em enough rope ... and if they're Pawleys Island Hammock weavers, then you're going to wind up with an exceptional invitation to advanced relaxation, expertly made!

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Rope Hammocks

Quilted Hammocks

Double the cushiony comfort! Our Quilted Hammocks bring together two sheets of cottony-soft all-weather fabric atop a plush center of polyester fiber-fill batting.

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Quilted Hammocks

Soft Weave Hammocks

The wicker-like weaving pattern of cushiony, cottony-soft, all-weather fabric ribbons is as charming to look at and comfy to recline in as it is tough against the elements.

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Soft Weave Hammocks

Poolside Hammocks

For the lifestyle that hates to be slowed down, even in pursuit of slowing down, our single-layer, open-weave synthetic hammocks are the perfect poolside companion.

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Poolside Hammocks

Camping Hammocks

Enjoy the durability and comfort of a Camping Hammock.

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Camping Hammocks

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Legendary Hammocks

Driving into Pawleys Island, South Carolina, you notice something unique about the welcome signs…

Just below the Pawleys Island name is a picture of a hammock. That's because this beautiful seaside town of salt marshes, live oaks and Spanish moss, where our Original Pawleys Island® brand began 125 years ago, is to the American style of hammock what Hershey, Pennsylvania, is to the chocolate bar. Pawleys Island set the standard.

A highly crafted hammock is like candy for both the body and soul. So we at Pawleys Island® Hammocks invite you to take your own big bite of unparalleled relaxation. You're going to love how sweet it feels…

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