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DURACORD® is the solution to the quest for performance yarns with the look and feel of cotton. DuraCord® is constructed of man-made industrial yarn that has been augmented with ultraviolet inhibitors and further anti-microbial enhancements to prevent degradation from outdoor exposure; but it is virtually indistinguishable from cotton. It has fooled even the experts!

In 2003, The Hammock Source, manufacturers of Hatteras Hammocks and The Original Pawleys Island Hammocks, worked with a North Carolina concern, to create the synthetic yarn that was initially used in the creation of rope for hammocks. As hammock manufacturers, they had long been seeking a rope that was able to be produced of long lasting color but with the soft feel of cotton. Previously, all colorfast yarns were rough and not applicable for use in hammocks where the user completely lies within the ropes. "This innovative and proprietary product provided important customer benefits and helped to ensure that Hatteras Hammocks and The Original Pawleys Island Hammock remained the premier names in quality hand-woven rope hammocks," said J.A. Branch, president, The HammockSource. Never before had a rope been available with the cotton softness while maintaining rich color. The rope was marketed under the name of DuraCord®.

In 2004, these yarns, which were initially used in the production of rope, were taken a step further and were incorporated into fashion fabrics for outdoor and indoor use. Soft as cotton fabric with the performance characteristic of fade resistance and stain resistance was now available with the use of DuraCord® yarns. When the folks at The HammockSource hired textile designers to bring fresh custom designs to this revolutionary fabric, DURACORD® Textiles was born. All fabric in the line guaranteed a soft hand with a colorfast quality in all applications.

The DuraCord® introductions initially included a small sampling of coordinating collections that were sold by the hammock manufacturer. "We have taken this exclusive superior fabric and married it with top quality designs and are able to provide a solution to our customers of hammocks unlike anything previously available," states Walter R. Perkins III, CEO of The HammockSource. But it did not stop there. That same year, DURACORD® Textiles launched a sales effort of its offerings to outdoor and indoor furniture manufacturers industry-wide by displaying at High Point Furniture Markets and at the fabric industry's SHOWTIME trade show. The fabrics were met with great interest and were found in showrooms throughout the market.

Subsequent to the initial designs, DURACORD® Textiles continues to offer fresh designer styles in the fabric selections each year. Not only the offerings, but also the clientele continues to grow with every year. More manufacturers are seeing the benefit in offering one-of-a-kind fabric designs in this weather resistant, stain resistant yet soft as cotton fabric. DURACORD® Textiles. Believe it.

Original History

Our Original History

How many great inventions have come about just because somebody couldn't get a good night's sleep? That's the story behind 19th-century riverboat captain Joshua John "Cap'n Josh" Ward and our Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock.

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Our Craftsmanship

Our Craftsmanship

That pretty little metal tag that says it's an Original Pawleys Island does not go on until certain high standards of quality have first gone in, from our selection of exceptional materials to the artistry of their assembly.

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Our Workshop

Our Workshop

Whether it's your first time seeing a master hammock weaver at work, or your hundredth, the fluid rhythm of hands and rope is positively hypnotic.

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